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Stage Grace

Fitness & Posing Coaching

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Hi, I’m Carolyn

Certified Personal Trainer and Professional Bodybuilder

As a bodybuilder, competing has always been about something greater than myself. My inner power comes through my faith in the Lord. I truly believe that I can do all things through the power of Christ that strengthens me.

My hope is to use my experience to help women find the Stage Grace within themselves.

Our Classes

About Stage Grace

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Stage Grace is more than a posing coaching company, it is a complete lifestyle brand that focuses on mind, body, and spirit. As the home of Stage Grace Posing, Stage Grace Confidence, and Stage Grace Ministries — women receive full transformation, self-confidence, wellness, and excellence in physical presentation. 


Led by Carolyn Hudson-Harris, an IFBB Pro – Certified Personal Trainer, she delivers the best in walking, posing, transitions, stage and life confidence, and more. Carolyn’s passion is to help women reach and conquer their goals. 

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